Sunday, November 21, 2004


If you have worn glasses for any length of time then you know that you have two choices - you can go to the retail chains at the mall and doctor's offices where the belief is you will get expert advice and service along with better quality eyewear, but you will pay a premium price for your glasses. Or you can go to the discount places and get a really good price on your glasses, but maybe not such expert advice or quality service and products.

It's been said to me in the past when I've helped people pick out their frame and lenses "boy, you are a really good salesman". I really don't care for that term "salesman" because I don't think of it as sales, I think of it as expert advice and I think of myself as an eye care professional not a salesman. I like to take the extra time to explain to my customers their choices.
The eyewear industry has gone through a lot of changes in the last 10 years. We have a lot more choices on lens options and add-ons and frames to pick from such as:

* lined bi-focals versus no-line,
* anti reflective coatings,
* changeable tints,
* titanium frames versus stainless steel frames
* plastic frames versus metal frames, etc.

So I can imagine to the consumer, how overwhelming it can be to make the right choices to fit their lifestyle. I pride myself on educating my customers to the advantages and disadvantages to all the various product options available. That way they can make their own educated decision on what is right for them.

And that is the purpose of this Blogg, I will be posting little newsletters on this blogg on different subjects from time to time on frames, lens choices and options, and safety issuse on safety eyewear.
But I would like to leave this blogg open to anyone for comments and or questions on anything you read here, or on anything you would like to know about.

Thanks for stopping by....and enjoy


  1. Great idea for a blog. I did want to suggest that you activate the 'site feed' functionality within blogger. That way I can subscibe to your feed within my news reader.

    Good luck!

    Richie Carey's Web Log & Podcast

  2. Thanks for the Heads Up Richie!

  3. Great Blog... New concept I've been weraing glasses for 113 years now... it was good info!

    Keep BLOGging!!
    Visit my blogs Sometime...

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