Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Lens add-ons...OR...“Do I Really Need That?”

Five years ago when I first started working for myself and had just launched the first version of the MobileEyeGuy.com Website I started a newsletter.
The newsletter had some pretty good stuff in it, but I was pretty green back then and didn't know too much about backing up your files.
Well, that first little Hewlett-Packard computer I bought finally crashed one day, I guess I overworked it, and I lost all those newsletters I wrote.
So these first few blog's I will be going on memory and redoing some of those old topics.

One of the things that I talked about was how opticians are taught to profile their customers in order to better decide what add-ons and extras to push at them,
so that's where I came up with a little series called “Do I Really Need That”
Now if you're not clear on the profiling thing, here is an example.
Let's say you just finished your exam, you have your prescription in hand, you go out to look at frames and speak with the optician.
They start asking you questions like, what do you do for a living, what are your hobbies, do you spend much time on a computer, etc. etc.
They want to know all these things because you may be eligible for multiple pairs.
Maybe you work in an office, but on the weekends you love to fish.
They may suggest that you get a progressive bifocal with an anti-reflective coating for your computer, and then a second pair of Polaroid sunglasses for your fishing.
Now I'm not saying that profiling is a bad thing, because that very well may be the case.
You may want a nice pair of Polaroid sunglasses for your fishing, and anti-reflective coating is great for the computer, but what if you're not on the computer that much in fact you have to go out into the shop quite a bit, then the anti- reflective coating may not be the best thing, and you are working six days a week so you don't have that much time for fishing and don't get to go very often, so the added expense of a second pair of sunglasses and the extra cost of the anti-reflective coating may not be worth it to you.
That's why I like to explain to my customers the pros and cons of each add-ons or the advantages and disadvantages of more than one pair of glasses, obviously the largest disadvantage is the added cost.
I think it's best to educate people, then they can profile themselves, and make an educated decision on what's best for them.
Using the same scenario you could get one pair of glasses but instead of anti-reflective coating you could get a Transitions changeable tint, that way when you do get a chance to go fishing your lenses would turn into sunglasses while you're outdoors but at work while you're in the shop you would not be tearing up your Anti-reflective coating.

So, in the blogs to come we will be discussing these different add-ons, their advantages and disadvantages, and that will hopefully help you the consumer decide for yourself
“Do I Really Need That”

As I stated in the introduction I do encourage those of you that are reading this blog and have questions in regards to optical please feel free to post a comment and ask me any questions that you might have about frames lenses or safety issues, that's what this blog is for, thanks once again for visiting.

Signing off for now


  1. More bloggers should talk about safety, and not fashion trends, in matter of wearing sunglasses. Eyewear is very important, and people seem to ignore this aspect.

  2. Hi,
    I am about to purchase a pair of regular reading glasses that will also work for computer use an and was suggested to get anti reflective coating on the lens. I would appreciate your advice of the pros and cons of anti reflective coating.

    Thank you.

  3. safety is first and formost issue for eyes,thanks for great post.