Sunday, March 20, 2005

Do I Really Need That Part 2, Scratch Resistant & UV Coating

Hello again ,
Welcome to “Do I Really Need That Part 2 “ Lets get right to it!

Do I need scratch resistant coating?.... Yes!
In my opinion everybody needs scratch resistant coating because no one cleans his or her glasses properly. Some people take better care than others of their lenses, but everyone at one time or another cleans them with their shirttail or their skirt, and that's when they get scratched.

Let me clear something up for a lot of you while we are talking about Scratch coat.
There are those that think because they paid extra and got the Scratch coat, their lenses won’t scratch…. WRONG!
Scratch Resistant means MORE RESISTANT to scratches, Not SCRATCH PROOF!
Now some places sell scratch warrantees, so when they scratch you can get new lenses,
But most of the time that is pretty expensive, and people are so busy now days they never
Get around to changing their lenses until they are ready for a new prescription so
They never use the service they paid for, at least that is what most places are counting on.

Most places charge extra for scratch resistance, but unless they just want a crazy amount for it, it is worth it to everyone to have. If they want too much for it, then you’re buying your Glasses from the wrong place anyway!

Do I Need UV 400 protection?
On your Sunglasses Defenatly Yes, on clear lenses? , It doesn’t hurt but not totally necessary.
Some Optical professionals will disagree with me, but think about it, people who don’t wear glasses do not have any UV protection and they are not suffering because of it.
BUT …when wearing Sunglasses or a tinted lens the tint makes your pupil dilate
Which lets in more UV, so that is when UV is necessary.
When wearing clear lenses or no lenses your pupil constricts letting in less UV.
So when deciding if you want to get it in your clear lenses it is back to “HOW MUCH”
Extra is it?

You see Gang, you sometimes have to be careful when shopping for glasses because some places, especially so-called discount places use the old ( Bait & Switch ) to jack up the price of their discount eyewear.
Anybody ever see this happen? ….. You see an ad for Complete pair of glasses
Frame and lenses $39.95 , which is usually a Cheap frame with Bare bones lenses.
Then they charge you $60.00 for a Scratch Coating and UV, so those $39.95 glasses
End up costing you $99.95 + Tax

So Buyer’s beware, educate yourself and shop around, know what you are buying.
That is the point of this Blog! , To help educate the Consumers.

Now It is time for my Shameless Plug!
It just so happens that one of my slogans is:
“No Gimmicks – Just Savings”
I am a one-man operation, so I don’t have time to haggle over price.
So to keep from having to discuss whether it is worth the extra or not for Scratch coat
I just give Free Scratch Coating on ever pair of lenses I sell.
(I know what you are thinking) No, I didn’t raise my price to force every one to buy it.
That is another thing some places do.
I charge $42.00 dollars for a Pair of single vision lenses, That includes Scratch Resistant & UV 400 protection!
That’s enough Shameless Plugging for this session.

As always please post any question you might have, or subjects you would like to know about . I hope you can visit my Blog and it helps you to become an educated consumer.

See’ya next time

Ben Ramsey…..aka Mobile Eye Guy