Tuesday, September 13, 2005


As always let me say again, I am glad those of you that our viewing my blog enjoy the content, and I'm glad you're leaving comments, that was the concept from day one.
So thanks for your participation.

Today's posts should be fun!
On the last post someone had left the comment saying how they enjoyed the blog, and what did I think about the new “pierced eyeglasses”.
Well, I have been in this business almost 18 years, and I like to think that I keep up on all of the latest trends, but I have to admit I had never heard of “pierced eyeglasses”until this comment asking about them.
Check out the photos below:

The person that left the comment also left a link to another web site where the pierced eyeglasses were pictured.

The person that invented these is an artist, and said he was tired of his glasses slipping down his nose and that is why he invented these.
Now call me old-fashioned but I think this is about the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
As an optician I do not think this is very practical at all.
I suppose it could be my age, and if you are a young person you may think it is cool since so many young people seem to be piercing things these days, but again I don't think this is very practical even from a cool, hip fashion standpoint.
From a professional standpoint if you're having trouble with your glasses slipping down your nose,
A. get a frame that properly fit's, or
B. get contact lenses

What do you think?
Are they cool or crazy

As always, thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments.

Ben….aka MobileEyeGuy



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  2. That is creative but absolutely ridiculous. I'm having problems with my frames too but that will not make me pierce myself just so they won't slip. Even if I don't mind piercing, it'll be so much more troublesome taking them off.

  3. I agree with you... this is rediculous in the extreme. I've been wearing glasses since the age of 8 yrs-old and even though they get annoying now and then, I slip in my contacts when the frames get too bothersome for some activities.

  4. You're right. This is silly. If you ever take them off you've got these stupid posts sticking out of your nose.

  5. Those are kind of ugly. Who wants to have to deal with those posts sticking out of your face while you sleep??? It might be convenient for some, but I'll stick to my wire frames, thank you.

  6. LOL isn't someone pulling a leg here?!

  7. Absolutely crazy!

    I saw these a few months ago and am still shocked by it.

  8. Must be fun pulling on a jumper over your head!

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhH!!!!! this disturbs me beyond reason.. I once saw someone get their earring pulled out, and I just pictured one of these getting pulled out.. you'd be mutilated for life!!!

  10. OOOOUUUUCH!!!!

    When I was younger my glasses saved me from getting poked in the eye(s) on several occasions. Sometmes even now I get bonked in the glasses when I play with my kids. I'd hate to think what would happen to my nose had I been wearing these "pierced glasses." Man, these just seem really dangerous.

  11. I covered by face immediately. Ack.

  12. This is got to be so dam crazy.

  13. Foolishness!
    that person is just looking for fame...
    Great concept blog!

    Keep BLOGging!!
    Visit my blogs Sometime...

  14. Kids do not try this at home !!!
    lol lol O.o

  15. For some people this might actually fit their way of thinking. To alter the body is a thing which some people do not as a hobby or for a special meaning but as a way of art, a lifestyle. These alterations to the body can vary from setting the standard tattoos or piercings to the more extreme like placing horns, sharpening the teeth or in this case, modifying your face to function as glasses on itself.

    Besides that, as the poster of the thread said it might be the age, personally I don't think it looks that bad. It has something to it. I cannot see though how this can truly be functional in life, but that's not my problem to figure out. After all, it aint my body which got these glasses "implented" like that.

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  17. I'm extremely nearsighted and have been wearing glasses for 22 years. I've never liked the idea of contacts for me, but the idea of permantly attaching glasses (sort of), just seems stupid to me. Ignoring the pain factor (which I know some people get off on), it also seems like a huge potential for infection, not to mention the risk of injury. And you would have to fit every new pair to the same mounts. No thanks!

  18. painful. a nose piercing gets bothersome at times. imagine tiny stud getting caught in towels and t shirts. ouch. imagine big ass glasses stud getting into similiar situations. OU-U-U-U-UCHHHHHH.

  19. Those are disgusting. They make me wince just looking at them . . .

    Who would want piercings for their huge glasses? Ouch!

  20. Oh and how do you screw the glasses to the studs? Or does the incidence of eyepoppusoutus increase as a result of the screwdriver slipping?

  21. Where do I start? ridiculous. dangerous. Imagine rolling over in bed to see your honey with those ugly posts in his/her nose.

    An angry toddler could rip your nose off...or at least part of it...

    But then again, the more that intellectually challenged people mark themselves for quick identification, the easier it becomes to (fill in the blank with your favorite answer)_________:
    1. shoot them and put them out of their misery;
    2. avoid them like the plague;
    3. marry them and become one;
    4. throw up and then feel better.

  22. They really look tame compared to most peircings... And I doubt that many librarians feel they need another hole in their heads.

  23. Damn that looks painful! I think I'll just make sure to wipe any oil from my nose before putting my glasses on, thank you very much.


  24. Absolutely ridiculous!

    To Stef Levolger: I'm one of those body modifying types -- piercings and tattoos galore -- but this is not something that I would do, it's almost the opposite of most people's views on body modification.

    I also wear glasses, but I'd sooner get contacts before I would install glasses on my face.

  25. I wish I had bad eyesight!

  26. Though not for me (too wimpy to get pierced) I did kind of like the borg-factor. (Always thought that Jeri Ryans "7 of 9" character in Star Trek was sexy because of the added body hardware)

    What comes to mind is the safety factor. As well as the "tear off" factor that was previosly mentioned, what happens if you bump into something. Normal glasses will slide off your head and bend off if something pushes against your face. (like a windshield in a car-accident) It looks like these would pivot the lens right into your eyes. Don't glasses need to be "FDA Approved" or something?

  27. thats just nasty and it looks painful

  28. It's something different. Also like the Lacoste sunglasses from Solstice.

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