Monday, November 21, 2005

Nike Maxsight Tinted Contact Lenses

New product announcement!

What will they think of next?
This past weekend my daughter had a birthday sleepover, and one of my friends who is an Optometrist brought his daughter over for the party, while he was there he says hey “ what do you think about the new tinted sunglass contact lenses
I said, I have not heard about them.
So….. he proceeded to tell me a little bit about them, I thought it would be a neat subject for my blog.

I don't know that much but I will tell you what I do know and post some links so you can go look for yourselves as well.

It seems that Nike and Bausch & Lomb have got together and developed a new line of tinted contact lenses for sports called
Just like I specialize in the safety niche, my friend Dr. Atkins specializes in sports eyewear, so that is why he knew about the new sports contact lenses.

There are two different color tints, one gray green for golfers and other similar sports, and one amber for faster pace games such as baseball, soccer, etc..

It is a brand-new product so actually not too many optometrists are selling them, but since he deals a lot with the athletic department at UL ( University of Louisiana ) he went on ahead and open an account with a vendor so he could have access to them.
Because they're put out by Nike you can't just buy them from any of the normal sources optical professionals usually by contacts from, you have to open a special account with this Nike division in order to have access to them, and there is a cost involved, so a lot of doctors may not be interested in marketing this product.

Since it is a brand-new product were both learning as we go here, my friend is going to put some of the athletes at UL into this lens, so at a later date I will have an update on how they are working. In the meantime here are some links to some web sites I found in regards to these new lenses and a link to the Nike web site.
You might have a bit of a problem on the Nike web site if you're using a dial up connection because it's all built with flash so it has a lot of graphics, but is a pretty cool web site, so here's the links.
Go check them out and be one of the first to know about this new product.
Here are the links:

Nike Link:

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Saturday, November 12, 2005


To my regular readers, thanks for stopping by again, and as always thanks for the comments.
As I always say, I love it when people post comments and or questions cause that is basically what I had in mind for this blog, an opportunity to share information in regards to eyewear, and hopefully help people solve their problems.
Last post I had a couple of people that were having problems with their local optical retailers, so I'm going to post their comments and address the issues they're facing.
Here's the first comment:

Just the one I need to talk to. I am disgusted because I am being given the roundabout by the optometry business. I have worn glasses for over 50 years.
I am having trouble trying to buy frames for my lenses. The crappy frames on the market seem to be made to fall apart.
When I went for my last pair of glasses, the shop (Sears Optical) refused to make me the lenses that I wanted.
I spent good money to have my eyes checked and got my RX for tri-focals,
I picked out a frame, and told them I wanted photogrey, real glass lenses, hardened with the invisible line trifocals. I am the customer mind you.
They said no. I said what? they said that the glasses would be to heavy for me.
I told them that I was the one to make that call.
They said they couldn't help me one more time, and I threw a fit.
I took out my Sears Gold Card and said I was going to cut it up in a hundred pieces and sent it to Corp. and tell them how I was being treated.
They finally submitted my order, but we scowled at each other all the time. They purposely slowed my order down, but finally I got the glasses I wanted. I love them. I absolutely love them. Fast forward to today.
I need new frames, but the pie holes will not sell me frames.
They say they have nothing to fit the lenses. I ask them to order me some. They say no.
Makes me want to use a sharp stick on them so that they need glasses. Sorry, this gets me angry, just thinking about it.I am going to lodge a complaint with the state.
This is colusion. All of the firms tell me the same thing. I cannot get any place to sell me frames.
This is a perfect example of government helping business screw the consumer.
Boy am I hot.

I sympathize with this person, and unfortunately, sad but true I hear this kind of thing all the time in my shop. First off it's not the government or the state that is giving you the runaround, they don't regulate to optical shops or any business for that matter how they treat their customers, but you could contact your local Better Business Bureau, you would probably get farther with them than contacting the state.
Now I don't want to sound arrogant or like I'm the only good optician out there in the optical industry, but the sad truth is, there is a real problem in my industry with good customer service, I'm not sure why that is, but it is a fact.
There are a lot of places that try to tell the patients or customers what they need, or don't need, or try to sell them what they want them to have rather than selling them what the customer wants, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record that is what this blog is about, I am trying my best to educate John Q. consumer so they can make an educated decision on who to buy from or what to buy.

FOOT NOTE: ( the best thing to do is buy from me! or call me toll free for a free consultation 1-800-417-5650 I would be glad to speak to anyone and help them as best I can)

Most optical places are trying to keep from selling glass lenses these days, but this person is correct, it was their call whether or not glass lenses would be to heavy for them.
I addressed this issue in a prior post, “plastic vs. polycarbonate vs. glass lenses” you may want to go and read it, but a quick recap to the glass issue, most opticals avoid glass because of the legal issues.

As far as frames go, some frames are made better than others, and yes some of them are pretty crappy, but even a crappy frame should be able to be reordered. I'm not sure why this person was having such a problem getting the optical to order them a frame, although sometimes what can happen is some of the discount places are selling discontinued frames, so they are one-of-a-kind and if it gets broken they can't replace it. But there's also a way around that if you can get someone to just take the time and look around in their inventory, they may be able to find a very similar frame to yours and do what is called a “lens transfer”, but when doing a lens transfer it is the luck of the draw so to speak because you have to use what ever frame that fits the lenses and you may not always be able to get the color that you what, but it can be done.
It is just that in this day and age we lived in a disposable mindset society, use it, if it breaks, throw it away and buy another one. Nobody wants to fix anything anymore, they just what to sell it, not work on it,or service it.

OOOPS! Now my age is showing through on that statement.

Here is the second comment:
You have an interesting site and I think I have a question for you. I recently had to get new glasses and they are now a little over a month old. I have worn them, maybe, 15 times. The problem? My lenses are progressive bifocals (to correct distance) and have a prism in each lense. I was talked into purchasing $140 frames which are too small. What happens is my perfect field of vision in each lense is literally the size of my thumbpad. Looking left, right, up or down outside that field, I hit the prism, or blurriness. This is tough since I cannot wear the glasses going downstairs - cananot see the steps and BOOM.
My question, to fix this, I'm afraid I'd have to purchase another pair of frames and lenses - meaning another total out of pocket expense of $259. I haven't even spoken to the optician about this, because I'm afraid of seeing that cost come up. The first time was hard enough. Am I doomed?

Well….. in my opinion, No, you should not be doomed!
But again it really depends on who you're dealing with and how much they're willing to work with you.
First off, you should never let anyone talk you into frames that are too small for you, or that you're not comfortable with. I realize that today's fashion trend is to wear as small a frame as you can find, but you have to find a happy medium between comfort, utility, then style.

As far as the progressive lenses, in layman's terms also known as no-line bifocals, even prescriptions without prism, they inherently have some peripheral distortion, your optical center or best visual acuity is going to be somewhat limited, you cannot look side to side through the lenses, you have to point your nose at what you're looking at and try to stay in that optical center, and if your prescription has prism in it, it is go to intensify that condition.
Most places, or at least good reputable places have what is called a satisfaction warranty,
in other words, if you cannot see through a progressive lens then you are what is called a Non-Adapt, which means you cannot adapt to that style of lens and there should be a manufacturer's warranty where they can try putting you into a regular lined bifocal at no charge.
So you should not have any other out of pocket expense considering the fact that the first pair you purchased has not yet corrected your vision problem.
Don't be embarrassed or timid, I strongly suggest you take them back where you got them and make them aware of the problem your having, if they want to charge you for a whole other pair of glasses then I would get a copy of my prescription and go elsewhere because your prescription at this point has not been filled adequately to correct your vision.

As always I hope this has been helpful, all readers please feel free to leave comments or questions, and I'll see you next time.

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