Monday, November 21, 2005

Nike Maxsight Tinted Contact Lenses

New product announcement!

What will they think of next?
This past weekend my daughter had a birthday sleepover, and one of my friends who is an Optometrist brought his daughter over for the party, while he was there he says hey “ what do you think about the new tinted sunglass contact lenses
I said, I have not heard about them.
So….. he proceeded to tell me a little bit about them, I thought it would be a neat subject for my blog.

I don't know that much but I will tell you what I do know and post some links so you can go look for yourselves as well.

It seems that Nike and Bausch & Lomb have got together and developed a new line of tinted contact lenses for sports called
Just like I specialize in the safety niche, my friend Dr. Atkins specializes in sports eyewear, so that is why he knew about the new sports contact lenses.

There are two different color tints, one gray green for golfers and other similar sports, and one amber for faster pace games such as baseball, soccer, etc..

It is a brand-new product so actually not too many optometrists are selling them, but since he deals a lot with the athletic department at UL ( University of Louisiana ) he went on ahead and open an account with a vendor so he could have access to them.
Because they're put out by Nike you can't just buy them from any of the normal sources optical professionals usually by contacts from, you have to open a special account with this Nike division in order to have access to them, and there is a cost involved, so a lot of doctors may not be interested in marketing this product.

Since it is a brand-new product were both learning as we go here, my friend is going to put some of the athletes at UL into this lens, so at a later date I will have an update on how they are working. In the meantime here are some links to some web sites I found in regards to these new lenses and a link to the Nike web site.
You might have a bit of a problem on the Nike web site if you're using a dial up connection because it's all built with flash so it has a lot of graphics, but is a pretty cool web site, so here's the links.
Go check them out and be one of the first to know about this new product.
Here are the links:

Nike Link:

As always, leave comments or questions if you'd like
Hope this has been helpful
and we'll see you next time

Ben Ramsey aka….MobileEyeGuy


  1. A lot of baseball players wear them now. They claim they help them see the ball better. Griffey is one of them, and he had a fine season.

  2. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the comment daedalus.

    A lot of new stuff comming out in the eyewear industry expecially contacts is meant to just sell more stuff, "marketing"

    But yes it is looking like these sports contacts are turning out to be very helpfull to some people!

  3. What are these lenses priced at? My son, quite literally just walked in the door from getting new contacts. He asked the optometrist about the lenses and her opinion was that they were so expensive they weren't worth it.

  4. Thanks for your response about these lenses. My son is headed back for a follow up visit for his new contacts next week and we are going to query further about the tinted lenses. He wants them for playing rugby and his eyes are very light sensitive. We think they would be just the ticket!

  5. Make sure to ask for a copy of your prescription, if your Dr. is not interested in getting them for you, you can try another source.

    But be prepared your Dr. may not want to give you a copy

  6. I just got a new prescription and asked about the Nike Maxsight at the eyeglass store and was told 2 things: 1) you need a special fitting (prescription) for these lenses and that they were ONLY for playing sports. Has anyone else made an attempt at acquiring these lenses?

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    i know i'm a little behind here, but i just found out about these. they actually work really well!! they dont seem to be too expensive either- they run about $50 for a box of six. i'm just a poor graduate student but i think they're def worth the investment. also, you can look on the nike site to see which doctors in your area carry them, so you could probably get a free trial pair to test them out (that's what i'm using now)

  8. JOE C6:28 PM

    Someone stated that $50 a box is expensive. No way. You don't wear them all the time.....

  9. Anonymous3:29 AM

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  10. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Hey mobile eye guy, I got the amber color for a trial pair at lenscrafters. I have been wearing them for 3 weeks (due to Lenscrafters not being able to get the grey-green trials). I am highly light sensitive and get frequent migraines. So far, I love them. I can take off my sunglasses indoors and not have to worry about bright lights. The only problem is that they lighten up every thing in a pale yellow color, and they turn my eyes red, so I look like I have some sort of horrible eye infection.

  11. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I have a degenerative cornea disease that makes me very sensitive to light. I've worn these for about the past 6 months and they are, literally, a life saver for me. I wear them about 12 - 14 hours a day and have had no problems. This is a great option for people who are visually impaired with light sensitive issues.

  12. Anonymous8:18 PM

    they are available through 1-800-contacts

  13. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Ben aka "MobileEyeGuy" said...

    Make sure to ask for a copy of your prescription, if your Dr. is not interested in getting them for you, you can try another source.

    But be prepared your Dr. may not want to give you a copy


  14. Dr Holder4:59 PM

    It is unethical and negligent for any doctor to give you a contact lens prescription if they have not personally examined you with the contacts on your eyes. It is illegal for any company to sell contacts without a complete contact lens prescription. If your doctor does not handle these contacts, it would be illegal for him/her to write a prescription for them.

  15. chicagoguy1:47 PM

    Just thought I'd answer your rhetorical question in the first sentence. My guess for what they'll think of next would be a light sensitive color-changing version of these lenses like the Transitions lenses we can already get for glasses. It shouldn't be too hard for them to pull off.

    As for these, my only problem with them has been finding pictures that show what they do to your eyes. I want an idea of what I'd look like wearing them compared to normal contacts. Not a huge deal for me, as I don't plan on buying them any time soon, juts curious.

  16. awesome looking contact lenses,thanks for the post

  17. I never use this brand, but I had another once, they are disposable and you can use them just for an hour, and they are very safe and I read no one ever had a problem with those, well let's test this ones.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Colored contact lenses are one of the most popular fashion trends today. They are being used as a replacement for regular clear lenses, giving them a different eye color or making their pupils look larger. But keep in mind that before using any contact lenses, one must first consult an optometrist. Since some lenses can be harmful, it would be better to have safety than be sorry.

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