Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Safety reading glasses, unlike the tinted contact lenses we talked about last time,
are not a brand-new product, they have been out for about four years now, but there are still a lot of people that have never heard about them, so that's why we're going to talk about them today.

When these things first came out there was only one company that had them available,
and I was a distributor for that company, so I was doing pretty good with them on eBay, but as it is with everything in the eyewear industry once something new starts to catch on, other manufacturers get involved, so now here we are several years later and I couldn't even begin to tell you how many companies are now making safety reading glasses.
Needless to say the eBay market is flooded now so I'm not selling as many on eBay as I used to.
But they are still one of my hottest selling items on my web site and off my mobile truck.

These safety readers really are the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to a safety or industrial environment!
Why is that? You might ask, here is why.
Many of you, myself included, that have been wearing prescription eyewear whether regular or safety glasses for any length of time have it in our train of thought to go to the doctor periodically and get an eye exam, we wear glasses so our mindset is such that we know from time to time we have to go and get an updated prescription.

But as I'm sure you're aware of, the times we live in now and this generation is full of Baby Boomers,
we have more middle-aged people now from 40 to 65 than ever before in the work force.
And although a large number of these people have never needed glasses in the past,
As they get older they need some help reading.
So what do they do?…They go to the nearest Walgreen’s Drugstore, or Rite Aid or what ever Drug store is in their area and buy themselves a pair of Cheaters, or off the shelf
Reading glasses.

A.Because it does not require a prescription
B.Going to the Dr. for an eye exam is not in their train of thought
C.It is convenient, and they are there anyway

And for the most part that is OK for people to do.
But, what makes it bad is, if you are working some place where safety glasses are needed
What happens is, (I see this all the time in my job) people will wear the safety glasses
That the company provides for them for free, then they carry their drug store Cheaters in their pocket, and when they need to see close up or read something they take off the safety glasses, and reach in their pocket and put on the cheaters.

Well what’s wrong with that Mr. Mobile Eye Guy?
Think about it……those drug store cheaters are not safety glasses, and they are not Z87 OSHA compliant, so every time you take off your safety glasses to put on your cheaters
YOU ARE AT RISK for an injury! Why take the chance with your eyes?

That is why everybody in a work environment loves these things, and more and more people are starting to look for them.
You don’t have to carry around an extra pair of glasses, you can just put your Safety Reading Glasses on and leave them on all day, then:

A. You are OSHA compliant
B. You minimize the risk for injury
C. You don’t have to look over your shoulder for the Boss or Safety director
D. Best of all you can see what you need to see!

Safety Readers are available with Clear Lenses, Smoke (sunglass) lenses or Indoor/Outdoor lenses

And that My Friends is why I think this is really a Great product what ever Brand name you buy.
I now carry Radians ProX, and Dewalt safety readers, but there are several other brands available out there.

As always Hope this has helped some one and Please feel free to leave any comments

Ben …aka Mobile Eye Guy


  1. Nice site.
    What's your take on some of the nutritional supplements that are reversing eyesight problems? I suppose it wouldn't be too good for your business...
    I work in natural medicine and have researched a few dif't protocols for reversing macular degeneration & other eyesight problems. My optometrist friend tells me not to share with many people b/c it would hurt his business. :)
    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks. I recently read your article last august about the different types of lense material. I've worn glasses for over ten years now and have never had a problem with my perscription. I recently went to a new doctor for my glasses (recently moved...new insurance...new places)and wasn't told about different materials and how they would work and what the difference was. All I knew was that they automatically added scratch resistant coating to all thier lenses that i couldn't opt out of--even though that wasn't covered by my insurance.

    When i got the new glasses i honestly thought they were the wrong perscription. and since i'm in sucha rural area that was going to mean driving two hours just to see the doctor again. after about three phone calls i found out that my new lenses were polycarbonate and that might have been my problem. They reworked the lenses in plastic and I couldn't believe the difference. When I need another eye exam i WONT be going back there. But it's good to see someone honest about what's good for some and not for others. I was never told that this may be an issue.

    Thanks again.

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