Saturday, October 13, 2007

Glass prescription lens

Can I still get a glass lens?
Are prescription glass lenses still available?
I hear this all the time, and the answer is YES.

It is amazing to me how many people that end up coming to me as customers have been somewhere else before they found me and were told “you can’t get glass lenses any more”, or “ they don’t make glass lenses anymore” especially those looking for prescription GLASS Safety glasses.

What they should really be told is “ we don’t sell glass lenses here anymore” but glass lenses are still available.

You see , we have become such a leagalistic society that most of the Dr.’s and eyewear shops are afraid of being sued, so they spear head everyone toward Poly Carbonate lenses, or Plastic, but stay clear of glass.

Not that I am fearless, it is just that, in some cases, glass lenses are still the best choice for some people. And I feel like why fight them if that is what they want.

So for those of you that are wondering, or have been told other wise, Glass Lenses are still available for those who still want them.

I wrote an article a couple years ago right here on this Blog about Plastic vs. Glass vs. poly, if you would like to read it click here:

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Designer Eyeglasses - Discount Eyeglasses

Designer Eyeglasses or Discount Eyeglasses

Is Designer Eyewear a must have for
you. Or are you looking for
Discount Eyewear?
Some people are hung up on designer
name Brands, and some are always
looking for a Bargain,
which one are you?

In this article we are going to compare designer eyeglasses to discount eyeglasses.
Please, do not misunderstand; my intent is not to knock those that
are into name brands, If that is what you are into,and you can
afford it, then more power to you!
There are plenty of expensive brand names out there,
But I just want to let you know that for those bargain hunters,
you can have a Designer look at a discount price!

In the Eyewear industry, which I have been a part of for the
last almost 20 years, There have been a lot of changes.
Use to be, in order to get a certain style or look you had to buy
a certain brand.
Frame manufacturers use to have more of a signature style or look
to there products. But now every body is copying one another and
coming out with multi lines and look a likes,
and their version of a hot selling style.
In other words, they are all starting to look alike!

But that has turned out to be good for John Q. Consumer.
With the competition for sales, you don’t have to spend an arm &
leg for a nice pair of popular looking frames any more like we once had to.

Here are a few examples:
I am sure if you wear glasses you have heard of the Bend me Shape me Frames.
Or as some call them flex frame, flexon frame, flexon eyeglass frame, flexon eyewear,
flexon eye glasses, flexible eye glasses, flexible eyewear, flexible frame.
What ever you call them they are usually pretty expensive!
The first company to make them was Marchon Eyewear.
But now you can get some good quality generic brands of flexible
eyewear at A huge discount price,
(at least I sell them at a discount)

The pair on top is a Marchon Flexon 424 that usually sells for $225.00 at your local Dr.’s office, I have seen it online for as low as $150.00, but the pair on the bottom is a generic
Flex frame that I sell for $89.00 all day long! And it is not junk, it is a good solid frame.
I would think your local shops would have it at a good price too.
Here is a Marchon Flexon 429 on top that retails for $240.00, the bottom frame I sell for $89.00! Other than the color, can you see any big difference in the style?
On the top that is a Calvin Klein 771 that retails for $190.00 to $220.00
The bottom pair is a generic look a like I sell for $65.00

I could go on & on with example after example, but you get the point.
If you see a frame you like but you don’t want to pay that designer price, shop around and you might just find the same or very similar style in another brand for much less.
BUT, you have to be careful, because some of the look a like’s are Junk,
They are a good price but not good quality, and some times to the untrained eye
You can’t tell the difference between Good generics & junk.
That is why it is important to go to an eyewear shop or Dr.’s office you have faith in.
Tell your optician your not interested in designer names, but Good quality at a good price.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

OCC Intimidator Lenses

Orange County Choppers Safety Glasses

Check it out the last post I stated that I had ordered a pair for myself,
and couldn't wait to get them to see how they are.

Well....I GOT'EM !! NICE!
I am very happy with them.
I have used them on the golf course, and they are Great!
They are doing just what I wanted to, I wear bifocals, But,
when I am Golfing...the Bifocal was getting in the way on my old pair,
So I wanted a pair of Sunglasses with out the bifocal.

Well now I got them, they are also great for Driving and anything else I do
outside when I don't have to read.

And the Cool thing is, no body knows they are Safety Glasses.
They look just like Designer Sunglasses, So I can wear them when I am working or at play.

Watch the short video and you can see for yourself how they turned out.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Orange County Choppers Safety Glasses

Orange County Choppers Safety Glasses
Finally...... Safety Glasses that Are Cool!

Hey Gang New product anoucement,

AOSafety has just put out a new line of Prescription Safety glasses
with the O.C.C. brand behind it.
Who is AOSafety , you might ask?
Well they have been in the Safety game for years, if any of you have been wearing
safety glasses on the Job, you may have worn some of their product.
Long story short, They make Good Stuff, and have just teamed up with the OCC bunch
to put out a great looking new line of Fashion Safety Eyewear!

Learn More or Purchase OCC Eyewear
Check them out.....Here are some photos

Learn More or Purchase OCC Eyewear

TRX, The Hunter and Lightning feature stainless steel material and the highest quality micro components.

  • OBE safety screw for rimlock screws,providing a more secure grip and improved lens retention
  • OBE S-Family spring hinges- stainless steel micro spring hinges are lightweight and ultra durable.
  • OBE Logo Nose Pads-Lightweight and comfortable, featuring the O.C.C. logo.

OUTLAW is available in one sizea 54 eye. The structure of the frame is an 8 base curve wrap with 6 base curve gaskets for SRx lens insertion. The interchangeable gaskets allow the user to purchase additional gaskets with different lens functions and features. Clear gaskets for indoor wear. Sunwear lenses for the drive (ride) home.

They also have a really cool lens avaliable in Single Vision And Progressive called the INTIMIDATOR

It is a Polarized lens with a Mirror coating on the front and a Anti-Reflective coating on the back. It is available in several different colors...check them out below.

I ordered a pair for myself, I can't wait to get them, I am getting the TRX frame in Gunmetal with the Ice Blue Intimidator lenses!

If anyone wants more info please feel free to visit my website or email me at:

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Computer Vision Syndrome Part II

I'm sorry it has taken so long to get to more on this subject, I know many of you are really interested in it, but my Wifes Father came down with Cancer, and had to have surgery, his recovery has been very slow, then the Holidays Ect.
So I got behind on a lot of stuff "life happens",
But keep checking back, and give me a few more days , and I am going to get Part II & Part III Posted.