Sunday, April 29, 2007

Orange County Choppers Safety Glasses

Orange County Choppers Safety Glasses
Finally...... Safety Glasses that Are Cool!

Hey Gang New product anoucement,

AOSafety has just put out a new line of Prescription Safety glasses
with the O.C.C. brand behind it.
Who is AOSafety , you might ask?
Well they have been in the Safety game for years, if any of you have been wearing
safety glasses on the Job, you may have worn some of their product.
Long story short, They make Good Stuff, and have just teamed up with the OCC bunch
to put out a great looking new line of Fashion Safety Eyewear!

Learn More or Purchase OCC Eyewear
Check them out.....Here are some photos

Learn More or Purchase OCC Eyewear

TRX, The Hunter and Lightning feature stainless steel material and the highest quality micro components.

  • OBE safety screw for rimlock screws,providing a more secure grip and improved lens retention
  • OBE S-Family spring hinges- stainless steel micro spring hinges are lightweight and ultra durable.
  • OBE Logo Nose Pads-Lightweight and comfortable, featuring the O.C.C. logo.

OUTLAW is available in one sizea 54 eye. The structure of the frame is an 8 base curve wrap with 6 base curve gaskets for SRx lens insertion. The interchangeable gaskets allow the user to purchase additional gaskets with different lens functions and features. Clear gaskets for indoor wear. Sunwear lenses for the drive (ride) home.

They also have a really cool lens avaliable in Single Vision And Progressive called the INTIMIDATOR

It is a Polarized lens with a Mirror coating on the front and a Anti-Reflective coating on the back. It is available in several different colors...check them out below.

I ordered a pair for myself, I can't wait to get them, I am getting the TRX frame in Gunmetal with the Ice Blue Intimidator lenses!

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Ben Ramsey.....aka MobileEyeGuy


  1. That Mikey looks like a darlin' angel in them safety glasses. If I weren't not married already, I'd ask him to marry me jus' 'cause him looks so cute in them glasses. He's so cute!

    Miss T

  2. The man in the picture is scare the shit on me...

  3. Really cool, safety glasses finally got some true design and who better to pose with it than the OC Choppers :D.

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I just got some Winchester Safety glasses from Walmart and they are pretty tough and look good. I ran into my son bike that was hanging from the cieling in the garage. Good thing I had those on. OCC look cool too. I might have to try em.

  5. Anonymous9:14 AM

    The outlaw design is awesome, I bought two pairs, one for myself and another to a friend who loves choppers and his dream is to own an Orange county chopper.

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  6. Those glasses look bad enough. They even look cooler with the personal OCC touch. These glasses have a very stylish look; perfect for bikers but also non-bikers alike. We can safely say that these glasses are also tough and can withstand corrosion or hazards on the road and in everyday life.

  7. Finally got some beautiful safety glasses which have good outline design and very comfortable and easy to use. I used nike prescription glasses that is very cool and safe.