Monday, May 28, 2007

OCC Intimidator Lenses

Orange County Choppers Safety Glasses

Check it out the last post I stated that I had ordered a pair for myself,
and couldn't wait to get them to see how they are.

Well....I GOT'EM !! NICE!
I am very happy with them.
I have used them on the golf course, and they are Great!
They are doing just what I wanted to, I wear bifocals, But,
when I am Golfing...the Bifocal was getting in the way on my old pair,
So I wanted a pair of Sunglasses with out the bifocal.

Well now I got them, they are also great for Driving and anything else I do
outside when I don't have to read.

And the Cool thing is, no body knows they are Safety Glasses.
They look just like Designer Sunglasses, So I can wear them when I am working or at play.

Watch the short video and you can see for yourself how they turned out.

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Ben Ramsey...aka Mobile Eye Guy

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