Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sarah Palin Eyeglasses

Sarah Palin Eyeglasses,

everybody is wanting them now, ...well not everybody, but a lot of folks!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm Back... Click on the video

Ben Ramsey.....Still AKA The Mobile Eye Guy


This video was created with the NEW Flip Video Camcorder, it is the easiest way I have

ever seen to record then post Video to a blog, website uTube, you name it,

One two three and your done!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bargains on ebay

Bens Bargains is the name of the new ebay store I just opened
Thats the good news.....The bad news is why did I open
an ebay store named Bens Bargains ?

Well as of a couple months ago I had to SHUT DOWN my Business.
Some of you regular readers know I owned my own company
Mobile Opticians Inc. and a website

Long story shorter, I am down here in Louisiana, and My Biz
never really recuperated from Katrina, plus with the rising
cost of Diesel Fuel, and just an all around tough year, I just
couldn't keep up, once you get in a hole, it is hard to dig out.
So I shut it all down,

I had a couple potential buyers, but they bailed at the last minute,
So instead of trying to sell a Turn key Biz to another Optical
person, I am selling the truck, & equipment, website, and
inventory piece at a time.

And the inventory I am selling at BLOW OUT PRICES,
so you may want to go check out Ben's Bargains & see if there
is anything you can pick up on, here is a link:

Not sure what I am going to do long term yet, but
Given the fact I am 51 years old with almost 20 years experience
in Optical, plus I owned my own business for 9 years,
Guess what, All the Optical jobs tell me I am OVER QUALIFIED.
Which I guess means, I am so good at what I do I can't do it
any more!!
Any other Boomers out there been faced with that one!

HEY....Don't get me wrong, I am not crying here, I'm just
stating facts, don't feel sorry for me! I am a survivor.
I been online for awhile, and that is why I am selling on ebay.
plus I am working as a "Virtual Customer Service Agent"
to pull in some Money for now.
And my Wife and I are building a Home Based Business,

It is just that I hate to think long term I may not ever sell
Eye wear again, I have enjoyed helping people, and for now,
if any one is still reading my BLOG, I will continue
to keep it going, so if any one out there on the WWW has
found my blog useful.......let me know and I'll keep writing
articles on the Optical Industry.

Feel free to leave comments, and Thanks for listening!

Ben Ramsey A.B.O.C.