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Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery recovery is by and large quick with little or no problems whatsoever. After cataract surgery procedure, the patients usually go home and rest for the rest of the day. After the surgery the doctor will usually perform a short “post operation procedure”. The cataract surgery recovery of the phacoemulsification procedure will more quick and uncomplicated. Most doctors will usually advice their patient to use eye drops to promote healing. Patients who want to recovery quickly are advised to wear a protective shield over their eye or eyes to protect the eyes from injuries. Patients must also keep their eye clean.

The patient usually goes home as soon as the patient has recovered from the operation procedure. Although the patient is discouraged from driving home and must have somebody with them within the first twenty-four hours after the operation procedure. The patient’s vision will clear within a few hours after the surgery procedure. Their vision will eventually improve quickly within a week or two.

After the cataract surgery procedure, the doctor will give the patient some anti-inflammatory eye drops if the patient’s eye or eyes are swollen. Antibiotic ointments or eye drops are given to the patient to prevent the infection of the eyes (even though cataract surgery complications are quite rare).

If you want to have a good cataract surgery recovery, make a follow up appointment with your ophthalmologist after a week of the cataract surgery procedure. The doctor will give you advice on how long you will use the eye drops and when to start driving again. Your ophthalmologist will prescribe you with glasses within four weeks after the cataract surgery procedure.

To have a fast cataract surgery recovery you must follow these guidelines:

  • Have a good rest two or three days after the surgery procedure.
  • Avoid bending and lifting a few days after the surgery procedure. Bending and lifting causes the increase of pressure on your eyes and will lead to a longer healing process.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes.
  • As much as possible stay indoors. If it is unavoidable, cover your eyes if it is windy or in case something blows in your eyes.
  • Do follow up visits to your doctor within a month or two. Be sure to have a follow up appointment the next day after the surgery procedure.
  • Wear an eye patch for a few days after the surgery procedure.
  • If you are experiencing some pain, loss of vision or notice some increase of redness in your eye or eyes, you must go to your doctor right away.
  • In most cases, if you experience some discomfort or some leaking of fluid in the eyes, avoid pressing the eyes. It will cause damage to the post operative eye. Just wipe any discharge with clean tissue or cloth without rubbing or touching the eyes.

Follow all these and you will be guaranteed to have a fast cataract surgery recovery.

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